How to Plan the Ultimate Beach Vacation

Friends on a Beach Vacation

Here is a Simple Guide to Planning Your Perfect Beach Vacation

White sand, salty ocean breeze, clear waters, and not a worry in the world. If this is what you find yourself daydreaming about while sitting at your desk, then it’s time to start planning your beach vacation today. Vacations have tons of benefits, improving both your physical and mental health and preventing burn out. Here is a simple guide to planning the ultimate beach vacation.

How to Budget for Vacation

Before you plan your vacation, it is important to plan out how much it will cost. This will include transportation (plane tickets, cost of gas, etc.), meals, activities, and expenditures, such as travel insurance. Research the cost of everything in advance, and leave room for flexibility, as unexpected expenses always pop on vacations. Plan out how much you need to save each month to have enough for your vacation. Sometimes it can be helpful to have a separate savings account set aside just for this, so you can watch as you get closer to your goal.

Pick a Beach Location

Picking your destination is the best part of any vacation. If you are looking for a beautiful, pristine beach to stay at, check out Trip Advisor’s List of the top beaches in the U.S. Number one on the list is gorgeous St. Pete Beach, which offers pristine sands, ocean blue waters, and dazzling sunsets. St. Pete, Florida is called the “Sunshine City” for holding the Guinness World Record for most consecutive sunny days. If you are looking for the ultimate beach vacation, St. Pete Beach is the best beach to visit.

Best Times/Seasons to Travel

First, check the weather and climate of the place you want to visit at the time of year you want to go. You want to make sure you go at a time when there isn’t rain, storms, floods, or extreme cold or heat. But remember these are the times when travel will be cheapest, and there will be fewer people in these locations. Try to balance finding a warm, sunny season but also an affordable season to travel to your destination. Check the difference in travel costs at different times of year to help you gauge this.

How to Find the Best Deals on Places to Stay on Vacation

Finding affordable accommodations for your vacation can be a challenge, but it is doable. Airbnbs are a great option, as they are often cheaper than hotels, but also offer kitchen areas and laundry rooms, helping you to cut down on the cost of food and laundry. If you are planning on staying for a week or longer, you should definitely look into a local Airbnb. Also try to stay during midweek or over Sunday, as these are the slowest times for hotels, and rates will often be cheaper. Another way to save big time on accommodations is by inviting more friends to split the cost with. Look for options with free cancellation policies, as this will save you tons of money if something unexpected comes up before your vacation. is a great place to look for cheap accommodations with free cancellation options. Also, make sure to clear your history or go incognito when looking for places to stay. Many sites will raise prices if they can tell from your search history that you are looking to stay in a certain location.

If you decide to head out to St. Pete Beach, FL, one great place to stay is Palm Crest Resort. This family-friendly beach resort sits right on the Gulf of Mexico, offering you the best view of the ocean water.

Plan Vacation Activities Ahead of Time

Plan out your vacation before you go. This will take the stress out of your vacation, as you already have all the activities you want to do set up. If you decide what you want to do ahead of time, it will also help you budget correctly. If you are a more laid-back vacationer, maybe pick out a couple activities you are interested in, and find out if you need reservations in advance, or if you can do it whenever you feel like it. Check out local attractions such as restaurants, museums, amusement parks, and outdoor activities. You won’t have time for everything, so pick what you, your family, and friends want to do most.

Beach Vacation Safety

Make sure that while you enjoy your beach vacation you stay healthy and safe. Have bottled water with you at all times so you can stay hydrated, and pack and wear plenty of sunscreen to avoid an extremely painful sunburn. If you are out on the ocean water, make sure to wear a life jacket, avoid riptides, and watch out for jellyfish, sharks, and other dangerous sea animals.

In conclusion, planning a beach vacation is a ton of fun. Looking forward to a vacation out in the sun, sand, and sea water lifts your spirits and gives you something to look forward to. Once you plan your destination, budget, transportation, accommodations, safety precautions, and other details, you can get down to the fun of planning your vacation activities. If you are looking for the perfect beach vacation place, look no further than Palm Crest Resort in St. Pete Beach. We offer tons of affordable rooms perfect for the whole family.